The bulletin is dead.
Long live the bulletin!

Beautiful, multi-device online church bulletins.

A beautiful, easy to manage, multi-device online church bulletin.

The reliable old printed bulletin.

Not quite as easy to leverage as it used to be, though. Printing stacks of bulletins that are passed out, then flipped through and either tossed aside or used as a doodle canvas. The leftovers, sadly collecting dust in a lonely closet  near the back of the media room. Want to make it a little happier? Say hello to our online church bulletins…

How it Works

Happy Bulletin allows for a unique way of managing your bulletins and content. You build up your content as needed. These are the strands that connect your church or parish. You then add what you need for each weeks bulletin. This approach is perfect for a staff church communication director, parish admin, church media coordinator, or other staff member/volunteer to manage. Wouldn’t it be nice to do the weekly or bi-weekly bulletin, without the stress of print costs and deadlines?

Covering a Full Range of Content

  • Debt/Building Fund Details
  • Church-Wide Announcements
  • Promos
  • Upcoming Events
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Prayer Needs
  • Campus Map
  • In-Hospital
  • Bereavements
  • Welcome Letters
  •  …and more

Quickly Manage Content

Bulletin creation can be a real chore, and we hope our process eases that a bit. Church staff members or volunteers can smoothly and easily create a beautiful bulletin, simply using the content in your library. Sort as needed and even turn off sections you don’t not need for a specific bulletin. It’s never been easier.

Stop staring at the stacks of wasted bulletins each Sunday or kicking yourself for printing the misspelled name of your guest speaker. The whole point of our Happy Bulletins is to save you time, money, and frustration.

Be a Better Steward

Money doesn’t grow on trees. If it did, there would be a lot more farmers. We’re called to be aware of how we spend resources, be it time or money. You can even make multiple ones (Wed and Sunday) or even special ones for special events.

Encouraging your congregation to use your online church bulletins, means you end up printing less paper bulletins (save on costs) and fostering a more interactive experience with those who use it. Just think…no more sinking feeling in your stomach when budget time rolls around.

Share one. Share all.

 Share every event and every  bulletin with a simple “invite” button. A member/visitor clicks, puts in friend or family member’s email, includes a short message (if desired), and hits “send”.  Inviting friends and family has never been easier.

Plan properly.

Don’t you love planning for 20 to attend and having 60 hungry and anxious people arrive, instead? Or vice-versa? Get a handle on the number to expect. A member or visitor simply gives the number of adults and/or children attending, when they RSVP for an event.

Well PlannedMost Popular! *

$ 50

per month
  • First Month Free!
  • 1GB storage space
  • Unlimited views/bulletins
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Beautiful and Easy Customization Panel
  • Invites for bulletins and events
  • No limit RSVP for your events.
  • Mailchimp/Constant Contact Integration
  • No need for an app. Simply open a browser
  • Share events with the click of a button

No contract. Month-to-month makes it easy.

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(*…since it’s the only one)

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Phone: 904-567-6144

We developed, and continue to enhance, Happy Bulletin, as an invaluable tool for churches and ministries to use as an outreach and in-reach communications resource. If you have a question or comment on how our online church bulletins might help in your church family, please let us know. This is the reason we exist…to equip churches and ministries.

Thank you so much,

Bryan Chalker
Founder and Lead Designer @ Happy Bulletin

I’m not a church or a ministry. Can I sign up?

Sorry, but we only provide this service to churches. There will be alternatives available in the near future, though.

Can I cancel at anytime?

But, of course. There is no need to build a time machine to travel back and talk your past-self out of subscribing. You simply need to click cancel in your profile. Much cheaper than the time machine parts (and less chance of a paradox).

The layout’s nice, but can you create a custom one for us?

We’re designers…of course, we can. We can even create a custom event registration form(s), or integrate existing Wufoo forms into your bulletin. Just contact us with any questions you might have. Please keep in mind, there is a one-time development and implementation fee associated..

How long have you been around?

In name? Since 2013. In concept? Much longer. We have over 14 years experience in design, development, and marketing. Many of those years were spent on staff at In Touch Ministries, FBC Jacksonville, CROWN Financial, and with other ministries. Mucho experience-o.

What browsers are required to view a Happy Bulletin?

For editing, a larger browser width is required. You can not (yet) edit your bulletin on a tablet or phone. A desktop is required for the “edit mode” of the bulletin, though you can edit/add content through the dashboard.

Desktops: Any modern browser, from Internet Explorer 9 to Chrome to Firefox.
iPad/iPhone: Any iOS7 or higher built-in Safari browser, as well as the mobile Chrome browser.
Android pad/phone: Any Android 4.3+ Chrome browser.

What browsers are required to edit a Happy Bulletin?

Desktops: Any modern browser, from Internet Explorer 9 to Chrome to Firefox.
iPad/iPhone: Any iOS7 or higher built-in Safari browser, as well as the mobile Chrome browser.
Android pad/phone: Any Android 4.3+ Chrome browser.

Do I (or a user) need to download an app to use this?

Absolutely not. This is a web application that requires nothing more than a standard browser to view or edit.

Bulletins are not just a billboard (or we’d all be “bill-bored”) for a church. They are often the first impression a visitor has with you and your congregation. Your church is not the building, but the body of believers who worship there. The activities, bible studies, events, and other elements of an active church, are on full display in a bulletin. Our church bulletins are meant to be updated easily, used frequently, and shared…happily.

We don’t look at our church bulletins as a “replacement” for traditional ones. They’re a supplement – filling a void inherent in your printed ones. Happy Bulletins allow you to avoid the stress and limitations of space and size constraints in a printed bulletin. Place as many events, announcements, promos, or anything, that you want.

After years of working on-staff at several mega-churches, we know of the care that goes into your bulletins, as well as the inherent frustrations that come with date-sensitive promotion. Reprints, hard deadlines, long-hours…they take a toll on a Church Communications Director or admin handling the church bulletin. With a Happy Bulletin you can update any piece of information at any time for any reason, without any reprint costs. Stewardship of all resources was the genesis of Happy Bulletin. We hope you feel it helps in that regard.

Our bulletins are made to be beautiful on ANY device…without needing to download an app. Ready to view and share.